Banach Center conferences co-financed by WCMCS

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Workshop on Set Theoretic Methods in Compact Spaces and Banach Spaces

Warsaw, April 17-21, 2013

The conference will focus on applying set-theoretic analysis in the interactions between Banach spaces and compact spaces. Every Banach space X induces the dual ball BX* which is compact in the weak* topology and through which X can be successfully investigated. On the other hand every compact space K induces the Banach space C(K) of continuous functions on K, the construction which has been used to produce numerous conterexamples in the general Banach space theory. Combinatorial analysis of the geometry of Banach spaces and set-theoretic topology in the context of weak* and weak topologies associated with Banach spaces are the methods which turned out to be particularly successful in investigating the above interactions.


Stochastic Analysis and Control. 50 years of scientific activities of Prof. Jerzy Zabczyk

Będlewo, May 5-10, 2013

The aim of the conference is to discuss recent advances in stochastic analysis and control on the occassion of prof. Zabczyk's 50 years of scientific activities. The following areas will be studied: control and stochastic control theory, stochastic evolution equations, stochastic analysis, mathematics of finance.


International Conference Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity

Będlewo, May 27 - June 6, 2013

The focus of the conference is to put on the global qualitative study (topological and ergodic) of differentiable dynamical systems, especially diffeomorphisms and vector fields, that are not uniformly hyperbolic. There will be the following minicourses: Shaobo Gan: Partially hyperbolic singular flows; Katrin Gelfert, Michał Rams: Dimension and Lyapunov exponents in conformal non-hyperbolic dynamics; Andy Hammerlindl, Rafael Potrie: Classification of partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms in certain 3-dimensional manifolds; Carlangelo Liverani: Fast-slow systems: beyond averaging and stable ergodicity; Jairo Bochi, Christian Bonatti: Some perturbative techniques in C1 dynamics; Anatole Katok: Measure rigidity beyond uniform hyperbolicity: an introduction.


Chilean-French-Polish Conference on Nonlinear Evolutionary PDE's

Będlewo, June 30 - July 5, 2013

Organizers plan to bring the forefront researchers from the three countries: Chile, France and Poland working on evolutionary PDE's. The topics presented will range from abstract through singular parabolic problems to reaction-diffusion equations and systems and their steady states. More specifically, they will emphasize Navier-Stokes system, problems where facets play a major role for analysis of solutions and chemotaxis systems. The topics presented belong in general terms to the theory of formation, existence and evolution of localized structures in PDE models, their qualitative behavior and short and long time existence. The relevance of these issues in applications will also be emphasized in physics, biology or geometry.


The conference is suported by WCMCS

School on Gravitational Waves

Warsaw, July 1-5, 2013

The aim of the school is to provide the students sufficient information so that they shall be able to participate in the analysis of data from gravitational-wave detectors. The school will consist of around 20 one-hour lectures. There will be introductory lectures on general theory of relativity with emphasis on the theory of gravitational waves. These will be followed by lectures about astrophysical sources of gravitational radiation, including modeling populations of different types of such sources in our Universe. A substantial part of the school will be devoted to gravitational-wave data analysis. There will be a basic introduction to statistical theory of signal detection in noise and parameter estimation followed by applications of the theory to various types of gravitational-wave signals: impulses, chirps, amplitude and frequency modulated periodic signals and also stochastic signals.


Satellite Summer School to the 7th International Conference on Levy Processes

Będlewo, July 9-13, 2013

The school will be devoted to stochastic analysis and its applications. The following topics will be discussed: random matrices and free probability, Malliavin calculus for jump processes, analysis and representation of infinitely divisible distributions and processes, subordinators and potential theory. The lectures will be given by: Víctor Pérez Abreu (CIMAT), Nicolas Privault (Nanyang Technological University), Jan Rosiński (University of Tennessee), Zoran Vondraček (University of Zagreb).


Classical aspects of Ring Theory and Module Theory

Będlewo, July 14-20, 2013

The conference will be devoted to classical aspects of ring and module theory with the aim of presenting substantial recent developments and new perspectives evolving from current trends. Invited speakers: Eli Aljadeff (Technion, Israel), Pere Ara (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain), Vladimir Bavula (University of Sheffield, England), Jason Bell (University of Waterloo, Canada), Alexei Belov-Kanel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), Ken Brown (University of Glasgow, Scotland,) Ken Goodearl (University of California, Santa Barbara, USA), Pedro Guil Asensio (University of Murcia, Spain), Natalia Iyudu (Queen's University Belfast, Northern Ireland), David Jordan (University of Sheffield, England), Ulrich Kraehmer (University of Glasgow, Scotland), Stephane Launois (University of Kent, England,) Pavel Prihoda (Charles University, Czech Republic), Lance Small (University of California, San Diego, USA), Toby Stafford (University of Manchester, England,) Uzi Vishne (Bar-Ilan University, Israel), Efim Zelmanov (University of California, San Diego, USA),


Arithmetic Geometry

Warsaw, July 15-19, 2013

The conference will concern new trends in arithmetic algebraic geometry. The list of invited speakers: Grzegorz Banaszak, Alexander Beilinson, Bhargav Bhatt, Andre Chatzistamatiou, Pierre Colmez, Gabriel Dospinescu, Hélène Esnault, Laurent Fargues, Jean-Marc Fontaine, Wojciech Gajda, Jochen Heinloth, Lars Hesselholt, Moritz Kerz, Marc Levine, Jan Nekovar, Vincent Pilloni.


Applied Topology

Będlewo, July 21-27, 2013

The aim of the conference is to present various aspects of applied topology from classical to the recent research results. Among the main topics of the conference there are: theory of TC (robot motion planning) and its various modifications (as well as the Lusternik-Schnirelmann category); topology of configuration spaces (and applications, including applications to combinatorics); stochastic algebraic topology (random complexes, random manifolds, applications); Morse theory in the context of applications, discrete Morse theory; some elements of computational topology; applications of topology beyond mathematics, e.g. to magnetohydrodynamics, population biology, medicine, engineering and other sciences.


Geometric Singularity Theory. Polish-Japanese Singularity Theory Working Days

Warsaw, August 24-31, 2013

The conference aims at bringing together Polish and Japanese specialists in Geometric Singularity Theory interested in Applications, as well as other researchers willing to connect with the Singularity Theory techniques. In particular, the diffusion of these methods and their potentiality in actual research problems among the young researchers (postgraduate and postdoctoral students) is one of the goals of the meeting. Topics of interest: Lagrangian and Legendrian singularities, Asymptotic behaviour around caustics and wavefronts, Symplectic singularities, local invariants, Singular symplectic, contact and Poisson spaces, Systems of rays, optical caustics, Bifurcations of caustics and wavefronts, Singularities of smooth maps and differential forms, Motivic integration, Subanalytic and semialgebraic sets- Lipschitz stratifications, Lagrangian cobordism invariants, Blow analytic equivalence, Singular reduction, Hamiltonian systems and their generalizations, Applications to physical systems and control theory, Differential geometry and singularities.


Formal and Analytic Solutions of Differential, Difference and Discrete Equations

Będlewo, August 25-31, 2013

The theory of differential, difference and discrete equations in the complex plane is very rich. Many models of mathematical physics can be described by differential or difference equations (or integrable systems) and it is desirable to describe their solutions and their singularities, which often are related to critical phenomena. Most of the well-known special functions of mathematical physics solve differential/difference equations. Main topics: Ordinary differential equations in the complex plane. Formal and analytic solutions. Stokes multipliers. Difference and discrete equations, including the q-cases. Dynamic equations. Special functions (hypergeometric functions and others), orthogonal polynomials, continuous and discrete Painlevé equations. Formal solutions of PDEs (heat, semilinear heat, Burgers type, KdV, nonlinear Schrödinger). Holomorphic vector fields. Normal forms. Summability of WKB solutions, singular perturbations problems. Asymptotic expansions, Borel summability, Gevrey estimates. Summability of formal solutions of difference equations. Integrable systems. Applications in applied mathematics and mathematical physics.


Mathematics, Mechanics and Modelling. A tribute to Zbyszek Peradzyński

Będlewo, September 22-27, 2013

The progress in science is stimulated by a continuous flow of thoughts and ideas between researchers working on sometimes entirely different topics. This is most visible in mathematical modeling where concepts of stability, bifurcations and wave propagation cross barriers between different sciences and provide tools capable to describe substantially distinct phenomena which eventually have common structural features. The scope of the conference embraces: integrable systems, mathematical modeling of plasma dynamics (ion thrusters), reaction-diffusion systems in biology ( travelling waves), hydrodynamics (superfluid helium).


Semigroups of Operators

Będlewo, October 6-11, 2013

Recent years have witnessed rapid development of the theory of semigroups of operators. The aim of the conference is to present the state and advances of this theory in Poland and throughout the world. The topics will include: semigroups of operators in stochastic processes, in partial differential equations, in mathematical biology, etc. Attention will be paid to questions of asymptotic behavior and convergence of semigroups, semigroups in Hilbert spaces, functional calculus, and to cosine operator families.


Representation stability, workshop

Będlewo, January 16 - 19, 2014

Organizers: T. Januszkiewicz, H.Reich, G. Farkas 

The block seminar will be held jointly by students from Freie Universität, Humboldt Universität, and Polish students from Wroclaw and Warsaw Universities. It is organized as a cooperation of Gavril Farkas (HU), Holger Reich (FU) and Tadeusz Januszkiewicz (IMPAN). 

The seminar will introduce students to a very active area of current research. For most of the seminar knowledge of the basic notions from algebra and topology is sufficient. Of course for the last talks some background in algebraic topology is required in order to talk about the cohomology of configuration spaces. 

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Compflows 2014

Będlewo, March 23 - 28, 2014

Organizers: R. Danchin, P. Mucha, E. Zatorska

Compressible flows are broad area of mathematical investigations, here new concepts of analytical tools appear which make rapid progress in different fields of mathematics. The aim of the meeting is to concentrate several people representing the current trends in the mathematical fluid mechanics, concerning the problems related to compressible flows. We plan 20 main talks (one hour each) and short contributions of Phd students. The meeting will be very important for the Polish community of PDEs, now we have more then 10 promising young researchers working in the field.

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Probabilistic Aspects of Harmonic Analysis

Będlewo, April 26 - May 3, 2014

Organizers: M. Preisner, K. Bekała, W. Cygan, G. Kępa, K. Kolesko, M. Mirek, G. Świderski, B. Wróbel


7th Young Set Theory Workshop

Będlewo, May 11-18, 2014

Organizers: M. Sabok, P. Borodulin-Nadzieja, H. Michalewski 

The aims of the "Young Set Theory Workshops" are to bring together young researchers in the domain of set theory and give them the opportunity to learn from each other and from experts in a friendly environment. A long-term objective of this series of workshops is to create and maintain a network of young set theorists and senior researchers, so as to establish working contacts and help disseminate knowledge in the field. 


Stochastic Networks and Risk Analysis IV

Będlewo, May 27 - June 1, 2014

Organizers: C. Constantinescu, K. Dębicki, E. Hashorva, Z. Palmowski, T. Rolski, R. Szekli

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11th International Conference on Ordered Statistical Data

Będlewo, June 1 - 6, 2014

Organizers: A. Dembińska, A. Goroncy, K. Jasiński, P. Miziuła, T. Rychlik - chair

 The conference will bring forth recent advances and trends in the mathematical theory of ordered statistical data, in order to facilitate the exchange of research ideas, promote collaboration among researchers from all over the world, and contribute to the further development of the field. 


3rd Conference on Algebra, Logic and Number Theory ALANT

Będlewo, June 8 - 13, 2014

Organizers: A. Blaszczok, A. Czogała, P. Gładki, P. Koprowski, K. Kuhlmann, B. Rothkegel, A. Sładek

The joint conferences on Algebra, Logic and Number Theory (ALANT) unite two simultaneous events: the Czech, Polish and Slovak Conference on Number Theory and the Colloquiumfest. The series originated in 2010, when the first meeting was organized in Bukowina Tatrzanska, and the second ALANT meeting was organized by the Czech side in Ostravice in 2012.

The main theme of the upcoming meeting will focus on real algebra and its interactions with other branches of algebra, logic and number theory, with particular emphasis on quadratic forms and their axiomatic theories, linear algebraic groups and K-theory, valuation theory, as well as algebraic and real algebraic geometry.

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Complex Analysis and mu-synthesis

Będlewo, June 13 - 18, 2014

Organizers: Ł. Kosiński, W. Zwonek

Integration, Vector Measures and Related Topics VI

Będlewo, June 15 - 21, 2014

Organizers: M. Balcerzak, M. Cichoń, K. Musiał, G. Plebanek  Invited speakers

  • Antonio Aviles (Murcia)
  • Guillermo Curbera (Sevilla)
  • Luisa Di Piazza (Palermo)
  • Harold Garth Dales (Lancaster)
  • Joe Diestel (Kent)
  • Christian Hess (Paris)
  • Marian Fabian (Prague)
  • David H. Fremlin (Colchester)
  • Ondrej Kalenda (Prague)
  • Zbigniew Lipecki (Wrocław)
  • Jose Rodriguez (Murcia)


Constructive Approximation of Functions

Będlewo, June 30 - July 5, 2014

Organizers: M. Baran, L. Białas-Cież, M. Kosek, G. Lewicki, A. Skiba, J. Szczepański, P. Ozorka

 The conference will be facused on topics associated with different aspects of complex analysis, especially:

  • approximation theory,
  • constructive theory of functions,
  • pluricomplex analysis,
  • (pluri)potential theory,
  • polynomial inequalities,
  • holomorphic functions.

web page: 

16th Workshop: Non-commutative Harmonic Analysis and Probability with Applications

Będlewo, July 7 - 12, 2014

Organizers: M. Bożejko, R. Lenczewski, R. Sałapata, P. Śniady, W. Młotkowski, A. Krystek, W. Ejsmont, Ł. Wojakowski, J. Wysoczański, A. Kula, M. Marciniak

 The main topics of the programme are:

  • free probability,
  • representation theory of symmetric groups and applications,
  • Young diagrams, Kerov's polynomials, asymptotic characters of symmetric groups,
  • random matrices,
  • non-commutative independences,
  • combinatorics in non-commutative probability,
  • infinite divisibility in classical and free probability,
  • quantum groups,
  • non-commutative stochastic processes.


Aleksander Pełczyński Memorial Conference

Będlewo, July 14 - 18, 2014

Organizers: T. Figiel, S. Kwapień, K. Oleszkiewicz, M. Wojciechowski, P. Wojtaszczyk

 web page:

Perspectives of Modern Complex Analysis, 60th Anniversary of Alex Eremenko

Będlewo, July 21 - 25, 2014

Organizers: W. Bergweiler, D. Drasin, A. Gabrielov, F. Przytycki, D. Schleicher, B. Shapiro  

 The goal of the conference is to keep in contact active and developing researchers working in complex analysis and its most important applications with some of the international leaders in the discipline. The main topics of the conference reflect the impact of Prof. Alexandre Eremenko (Purdue University) on modern complex analysis. During the conference we will celebrate his 60th birthday anniversary. 

The principal themes of this meeting are the following:

  • Classical complex analysis and its associated potential theory
  • Iteration of real, rational and entire mappings
  • Real algebraic geometry
  • Spectral theory and mathematical physics
  • Diverse subjects centered on analysis



Several Complex Variables

Będlewo, July 28 - August 1, 2014

Organizers: Z. Błocki, S. Janeczko

Arithmetic Methods in Mathematical Physics and Biology

Będlewo, August 3 - 8, 2014

Organizers: G. Banaszak, J. Milewski, P. Waliszewski 

School on Parameterized Algorithms and Complexity

Będlewo, August 17-22, 2014

Organizers: M. Cygan

The school program will contain basic introductory courses as well as an overview of very recent developments, including many exercises and open problems.

web site:

Workshop in set theory

Będlewo, September 14 - 17, 2014

Organizers: S. Friedman, P. Koszmider, B. Loewe, S. Solecki 

5th Polish Combinatorial Conference

Będlewo, September 21 - 27, 2014

Organizers: J. Grytczuk, J. Jaworski, P. Micek, P. Naroski, M. Nikodem, K. Rybarczyk-Krzywdzińska, A. Szelecka 

Invited speakers  

  • Alan Frieze, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Daniela Kühn, Birmingham University
  • Deryk Osthus, Birmingham University
  • János Pach, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • Stanisław Radziszowski, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Piotr Sankowski, University of Warsaw
  • Benny Sudakov, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich


The scope of the conference is intended to cover most aspects of modern combinatorics, including graph theory, probabilistic combinatorics, extremal combinatorics, combinatorial optimization, algorithmic problems, combinatorial number theory, applications of combinatorics in computer science.

 web page:

EMS School on Stochastic Analysis with applications in biology, finance and physics

Będlewo, October 5 - 11, 2014

The school has been organized by Research Training Group run by Humboldt University, Technical University of Berlin and University of Potsdam in cooperation with the Mathematical Center for Science and Technology of the Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of Sciences.Courses: Frank den Hollander, Universiteit Leiden, "Metastability of interacting particle systems at low temperature" and Jan Obloj, University of Oxford, "On aspects of the Skorokhod embedding problem and its applications"


Będlewo, April 12 - 18, 2015

The conference is intended to gather leading researchers in the following topics: symmetric functions, Schubert varieties and degeneracy loci, characteristic classes (especially of singular varieties), Thom polynomials, positive characteristic problems: arithmetic algebraic geometry, moduli problems tropical methods in algebraic geometry. The conference will celebrate 15 years of IMPANGA seminar and 60th birthday of Professor Piotr Pragacz.

Conference web-page:

Information-based complexity

Będlewo, April 26 - May 2, 2015

Organizers: F. Kuo, T. Mueller-Gronbach, E. Novak, L. Plaskota, J. F. Traub, H. Woźniakowski

Information-based complexity (IBC), which is the theme of the conference, deals with the computational complexity of continuous problems for which available information is partial, priced, and noisy. As we study the computational complexity of such problems, we encounter many challenging research questions. It suffices to mention high-dimensional problems that occur almost everywhere. Their study has become one of the most important research areas.

web page:

Probability and Analysis

Będlewo, May, 4 - 9, 2015

Organizers: K. Kaleta, T. Kulczycki, M. Kwaśnicki, J. Małecki, G. Serafin, P. Sztonyk

Among the topics of the conference are:

  1. Harmonic analysis and martingale transforms
  2. Lévy and related jump stochastic processes
  3. Schrödinger operators and multiplicative functionals
  4. Probability related to geometric structures
  5. Stochastic recursions and branching processes
  6. Bessel processes and related diffussions

web page:

Geometry of Jets and Fields

Będlewo, May 14 - 20, 2015

Organizers: K. Grabowska, M. Jóźwikowski, M. Rotkiewicz, J. de Lucas

he conference “Geometry of jets and fields” is planned to be one of the activities of the research group associated to the project “Geometry of Jets and Field Theories” leaded by Prof. Janusz Grabowski. The project aims at providing a covariant and coordinate-free geometric framework for field theories and variational calculi of different types by combining the resources of the traditional differential geometry and the geometry of gauge and jet bundles with recently developed methods of graded geometry, supergeometry and homotopy algebras.

web pages:

16th International Conference on Functional Equations and Inequalities (16th ICFEI)

Będlewo, May 17 - 23, 2015

Organizers: J. Brzdęk,K. Ciepliński, Z. Leśniak,A. Bahyrycz, M. Piszczek, J. Olko, P. Solarz, J. Wiercioch

The conference is devoted to functional equations and inequalities, their applications in various branches of mathematics and other scientific disciplines, as well as related topics.

Main topics:

  • Functional equations in several variables
  • Iterative functional equations and iteration theory
  • Functional inequalities
  •  Related topics

web page: 

Dynamics, Topology and Computations

Będlewo, June 14 - 20, 2015

Organizers: T. Kapela, K. Mischaikow, M. Mrozek, P. Zgliczyński

The conference is devoted to computational aspects of dynamics and topology. The themes of the conference include, but are not limited to:

  • Dynamics and Computation
  • Topology and Computation
  • Dynamics and Topology

web page:

Groups and Their Actions

Będlewo, June 21 - 27, 2015

Organizers: A. Bier, W. Hołubowski, W. Tomaszewski

The discussed topics will include:

  • special aspects of finite p-groups, including combinatorial and Lie methods in this theory;
  • geometric and combinatorial methods in important classes of infinite groups;
  • groups of automorphisms of trees, self similar groups;
  • linear groups;
  • varieties of groups;
  • unit groups of rings, with a special emphasis an unit groups of group rings and related problems.

web page: 

3-rd Conference on Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems in Geometry and Mathematical Physics 2015 (FDIS2015)

Będlewo, July 12 - 17, 2015

Organizers: A. J. Maciejewski, V. Matveev, M. Przybylska, S. Tabachnikov

The aim of the conference is  to bring together specialists in mathematics and mathematical physics to exchange experience and knowledge about the most recent developments in the field of finite dimensional integrable  classical and quantum systems.

web page:

Nonlinear Control and Geometry

Będlewo, August 23 - 29, 2015

Organizers: M. Grochowski, B. Jakubczyk, W. Kryński, G. Pietrzkowski, W. Respondek

The aim is to bring together specialist of various domains of nonlinear control theory representing theoretical aspects of the field as well as applications (mechanical control systems, robotics, quantum control, distributed decision making). Invited talks are expected to represent various approaches to control theory with emphasis on geometric methods.

Main topics:

  • Optimal control
  • Controllability and stabilization
  • Systems structure (invariants, symmetries, bifurcations)
  • Quantum control
  • Geometry in control (sub-Riemannian, Poisson, symplectic)
  • Synchronization and consensus, distributed decision making
  • Applications (robotics, mechanics, vision, swarms and flocks etc.)

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The Navier-Stokes equations and related topics - a week for Wojciech Zajączkowski

Będlewo, August 30 - September 5, 2015

Organizers: T. Kobayashi, M. Pokorny, P.B. Mucha, J. Rencławowicz

The main purpose of this conference is to facilitate the meeting of leading specialists in the Navier-Stokes and regularity aspects of PDEs on the occasion of celebration the 70th birthday of Wojciech Zajączkowski.

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Geometric Singularity Theory

Warsaw, September 6 - 11, 2015

Organizers: W. Domitrz, G. Ishikawa, S. Izumiya

The conference aims at bringing together specialists in Geometric Singularity Theory interested in Applications, as well as other researchers willing to connect with the Singularity Theory techniques. In particular, the diffusion of these methods and their potentiality in actual research problems among the young researchers (postgraduate and postdoctoral students) is one of the goals of the meeting.

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Analytic, Algebraic and Geometric Aspects of Differential Equations

Będlewo, September 6 - 19, 2015

Organizers: G. Filipuk, Y. Haraoka, G. Łysik, S. Michalik

The overall goal of the school and conference is to bring together the leading experts in the theory of differential and difference equations in the complex domain from different countries, to tackle and find approaches to the open problems mentioned below, exchange recent research results, learn new methods in the related areas (which is invaluable especially for younger researchers) and identify new topics for future research. The meeting is also expected to promote existing and start new collaboration between colleagues in different countries.

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Topics in Analysis and Holomorphic Dynamics

Warsaw, September 14 - 19, 2015

Organizers: J. Graczyk, F. Przytycki, P. Strzelecki

This is one of the events accompanying Simons Semester in Banach Center: Dynamical Systems,September 2015 - December 2015. The idea of the semester is to host scientific leaders, senior and junior, and a number of PhD students and postdocs to be guided.

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Fractal Geometry and Dynamics

Bedlewo, October 11 - 17, 2015

Organizers: F. Przytycki, M. Rams, J. Romanowska

This is one of the events accompanying Simons Semester in Banach Center: Dynamical Systems, September 2015 - December 2015. The idea of the semester is to host scientific leaders, senior and junior, and a number of PhD students and postdocs to be guided. The workshop is an intensive week within the October programme on Fractal Geometry and Dynamics.

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Workshop on almost hermitian and contact geometry

Będlewo, October 18 - 24, 2015

Organizers: I. Agricola, T. Friedrich, A. Tralle

The scientific focus of this workshop is on the interactions of almost hermitian geometry and metric aspects of contact geometry, and their wide applications in various areas of mathematical physics, such as superstring theory, general relativity and spin geometry.

web page:

Workshops on Ergodic Theory: Ergodic Theory of Dynamical Systems, Translation Surfaces and Dynamics

Bedlewo, November 22 - 28, 2015

Organizers: A. Bufetov, K. Frączek, Y. Gutman, M. Lemańczyk

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The 2nd conference of the Polish Society on Genneral Relativity: 100 Years of General Relativity

Warsaw, November 22 - 28, 2015

Organizers: A. Królak, J. Lewandowski, A. Szereszewski, P. Sulkowski, A. Okołów, W. Kamiński

The scientific program covers broad range of topics from the mathematical structure of General Relativity (GR) and fundamental issues of the classical gravity, through the mathematical models of quantum gravity, to gravitational waves and their detection.

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Varieties of Calabi - Yau type

Warsaw, April 17 - 23, 2016

Organizator: M. Kapustka, O. Kędzierski, L. Halvard Halle, V. Lazic

The school is the opening event of the minisemester miniPAGES. Its aim is to introduce the participants to the main research area studied later in the minisemester – the varieties with trivial first Chern class.

web page:

Probabilistic Aspects of Harmonic Analysis

Bedlewo, May 14 - 21, 2016

Organizers: M. Preisner, K. Bekała, W. Cygan, G. Kępa, K. Kolesko, P. Dyszewski, G. Świderski, B. Wróbel 

Asymptotic Invariant sattached to linear series

Cracow, May 15 - 21, 2016

Organizers: J. Buczyński, P. Pokora, S. Rams, T. Szemberg

There will be three series of four 90 minutes lectures given by three key speakers (altogether 12 lectures). The lectures will accompanied by workshop sessions, where the participants will be given the opportunity to work on specific problems and tasks related to lecture series.

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Convex, Discrete and Integral Geometry

Bedlewo, June 04 - 09, 2016

Organizers: J. Abardia, M. Henk, J. Herbut, M. Moszyńska, E. Saorin Gomez

Symposium on Complex analysis and geometry

Bedlewo, June 05 - 11, 2016

Organizers: K. Kołodziej, S. Dinew, R. Czyż

web page:

Varieties with trivial canonical bundles

Bedlewo, June 12 - 18, 2016

Organizers: P. Borówka, S. Cynk, M. Donten-Bury, G. Kapustka, S. Rams

The conference will be a concluding event of the mini-semester on Algebraic Geometry organized by the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Banach Center.

web page:

3rd Conference on Nonlocal Operators and Partial Differential Equations

Bedlewo, June 27 - July 01, 2016

Organizers: K. Bogdan, X. Cabre, M. Kassmann, T. Kulczycki, R. Laugesen, L. Silvestre

web page:

Foliations 2016

Będlewo, July 11 - 17, 2016

Organizers: S. M. Walczak, M. Badura, M. Ciska-Niedziałomska, M. Jaworska-Banert, I. Michalik, K. Niedziałomski

Our aim is to exchange scientific information about most recent results on foliations and related topics.

web page:

Transfinite methods in Banach spaces and algebras of operators

Bedlewo, July 17 - 23, 2016

Organizers: A. Aviles, P. Koszmider, N. Jakob Laustse

The conference will bring together experts on Banach spaces, set theory, topology and algebras of operators, with special emphasis on the various ways in which these areas interact.

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17th Workshop: Non-commutative probability, Lévy processes and operator algebras, with applications

Bedlewo, July 24 - 30, 2016

Organizers: M. Bożejko, R. Lenczewski, R. Salapata, P. Śniady, W. Młotkowski, A. Krystek, W. Ejsmont, A. Wysoczewska-Kula, Ł. Wojakowski, M. Marciniak, J. Wysoczański, P. Józiak

Harmonic analysis, complex analysis, spectral theory and all that

Bedlewo, July 31 - August 6, 2016

Organizers: K. Barański, T. Iwaniec, s. Petermichl, F. Przytycki, M. Sodin, S. Treil

The aim of the conference is to cover some modern developments in the areas of analysis (notably, harmonic analysis, spectral theory of functions and operators, one-dimensional complex analysis, potential analysis, and their applications), in which Sasha Volberg has made substantial and recognized contributions over the years.

web page: 

Galois representations and automorphic forms

Bedlewo, August 14 - 20, 2016

Organizers: G. Banaszak, S. Barańczuk, T. Berger, K. Kłosin

IBC on the 70th anniversary of Henryk Woźniakowski

Bedlewo, August 28 - September 02, 2016

Organizers: B. Z. Kacewicz, M. Kowalski, M. Kwas, L. Plaskota, G. W. Wasilkowski

The aim of this conference is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Prof. Henryk Woźniakowski, in appreciation of his numerous contributions to information-based complexity (IBC) and computational mathematics in general.

Particular topics of the conference include: tractability of high dimensional problems, complexity of deterministic and stochastic differential equations, Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo integration, digital nets and lattice rules, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, ill-posed problems, noisy information, application to finance.

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Noncommutative geometry and quantum groups

Bedlewo, September 04 - 17, 2016

Organizers: P. F. Baum, A. Carey, P. M. Hajac, K. Strung

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7th Euro-Japanese Workshop on Blow-up

Bedlewo, September 04 - 10, 2016

Organizers: M. Fila, G. Karch, D. Wrzosek

XXXIX szkoła z geometrii algebraicznej

Lukecin, September 11 - 17,2016

Organizers: Mariusz Koras, Tomasz Pałka 

Mathematics of pattern formation

Bedlewo, September 11 - 17, 2016

Organizers: G. Karch, A. Marciniak-Czochra, P. Gwiazda

Stochastic Models V

Bedlewo, September 11 - 17, 2016

Organizers: K. Dębicki, Z. Palmonowski, R. Szekli, T. Rolski

6th Polish Combinatorial Conference

Bedlewo, September 18 - 24, 2016

Organizers: J. Grytczuk, J. Jaworski, P. Micek, P. Naroski, M. Nikodem, K. Rybarczyk-Krzywdzińska, A. Szelecka

The series of Polish Combinatorial Conferences are meant to integrate Polish and international combinatorial community. The upcoming conference is mostly dedicated to young scientists, we plan several invited talks, and a couple of tutorials for PhD students, by leading world experts in Combinatorics. 

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50th Seminar “Sophus Lie”

Bedlewo, September 25 - October 01, 2016

Organizers: J. Agricola, A. Fialowski, J. Grabowski, J. Hilgert, K. Iohara, K.-H. Neeb, M. Schlichenmaier

The Seminar ''Sophus Lie'' is an international seminar of mathematicians interested in the theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras and their applications.

The goal of the workshop is to bring together leading experts working in currently particularly active areas of Lie theory, thus continuing with the main stream of activities of Seminar Sophus Lie.

The main topics of the conference are:

  1. Representation theory
  2. Microlocal techniques and dynamical systems
  3. Deformations of algebraic and related geometric structures
  4. Lie systems: generalizations and applications

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cyclic homology

Bedlewo, October 16 - 22, 2016

Organizers: J. Cuntz, P. M. Hajac, T. Maszczyk, R. Nest

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Noncommutative index theory

Warsaw, October 23 - 29, 2016

Organizars: P. F. Baum, A. Carey, M. J. Pflaum, A. Sitarz 

Topological quantum groups and Hopf algebras

Warsaw, November 13 - 19, 2016

Ogranizers: K. De Commer, P. M. Hajac, R. O Buachalla, A. Skalski

web page:

Structure and Classification of C*-algebras

Warsaw, November 20 - 26, 2016

Organizars: G. Elliott, K. R. Strung, W. Winter, J. Zacharias

The focus of the conference is on the recent developments in the structure and classification of C*-algebras, as well asconnections of C*-algebras to dynamics, topology and other related areas.

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XLII Conference on Mathematical Statistics

Bedlewo, November 27 - December 2, 2016

Organizers: B. Miasojedow, P. Pokarowski, P. Biecek, J. Noble

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Bedlewo, January 15 - 20, 2016

Organizers: R. Danchin, P. B. Mucha, J. Peszek, M. Zatorska

This workshop is dedicated to current developments of analytical techniques and to the state-of-the-art in mathematical fluid mechanics, and will bring together experts coming from different mathematical schools.

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Winter Workshop on Computational Mathematics

Bedlewo, February 12 - 18, 2017

Organizers: T. Kaleta, M. Mrozek

The aim of this winter school is to prepare PhD students and young scientists to undertake research in the areas of Computational Mathematics on the intersection of Dynamics, Topology and Computations.

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International workshop "Ideal Fluids and Transport"

Warsaw, February 13 - 15, 2017

Organizers: P. Gwiazda, A. Świerczewska-Gwiazda, E. Wiedemann 

tfml 2017 - Theoretical Foundation of Machine Learning

Bedlewo, February 13 - 17, 2017

Organizers: M. Śmieja, P. Spurek, K. Misztal, M. Wiercioch

The main aim of this conference is to bring together both national and international scientists and PhD students working in the area of Theoretical Machine Learning in order to create an opportunity to exchange knowledge and current research directions.

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Probability and Analysis

Bedlewo, May 14 - 20, 2016

Organizers: K. Bogdan, M. Kwaśnicki, K. Szczypkowski, P. Sztonyk

The aim of the conference series is to intensify international and interdisciplinary collaboration in probability and analysis. The conference will be an occasion to summarize the existing body of research and set further goals and joint projects.

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Stochastic analysis and its applications

Bedlewo, May 28 - June 3, 2017

Organizers: Ł. Stettner, T. Komorowski, Sz. Peszat

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Lipschitz Geometry of Singularities

Bedlewo, June 10 - 16, 2017

Organizers: L. Birbair, M. Denkowski, V Grandjean, A, Pichoń

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Emerging issues in nonlinear elliptic equations: singularities, singular perturbations and non local problems

Bedlewo, June 18 - 24, 2017

Organizers: O. Agudelo, P. Drabek, M. Kowalczyk, A. Pistola, P. Rybka

The goal of the workshop is to present recently emerging ideas in the theory of localized patterns of solutions to nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations. Special emphasis will be laid on the formation of singularities, spatial segregation, blow- up phenomena, geometry of solutions of singular limit problems and existence and classification of entire solutions.

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different geometry

Bedlewo, June 18 - 24, 2017

Organizers: B. Opozda, W. Goemans, U. Simon

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Applied Topology

Bedlewo, June 25 - July 01, 2017

Organizers: W. Marzantowicz, P. Dłotko, Z. Błaszczyk

The aim is to bring together scientists from all over the world working in various fields of applied topology.

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Model Theory

Bedlewo, July 1 - 8, 2017

Organizers: D. Hoffmann, P. Kowalski, K. Krupiński, T. Rzepecki, R. Wencel

The aim of the conference is to bring together leading specialists and young researchers in model theory.

web page:  

Banach spaces and operator theory with applications

Poznan, July 3 - 7, 2017

Organizers: A. Defant, P. Mleczko, E. Sanchez Perez, R. Szwedek

The conference Banach Spaces and Operator Theory with Applications is dedicateded to the 60th anniversary of Mieczysław Mastyło. The aim of the meeting is to gather specialists interested in mathematical analysis.

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Geometric analysis and related topics / in honour of Tadeusz Iwaniec's 70th birthday

Bedlewo, July 16 - 22, 2017

Organizers: A. Zatorska-Goldstei, T. Adamowicz, P. Goldstein, P. Strzelecki

The main goal of the conference is to bring together top class mathematicians working in the areas of geometric analysis close to the research interests of professor Tadeusz Iwaniec and to celebrate his 70th birthday.

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Just a little calculation in dynamics

Bedlewo, August 13 - 19, 2017

Organizers: M. Martens, N. Mihalache-Ciurdea, L. Palmisano, F. Przytycki

The conference is to honor Tomasz Nowicki's 64th Birthday. The aim of the conference is to cover some modern developments in low-dimensional dynamics and application to industrial problems.

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Algebraic K-Theory and Arithmetic

Bedlewo, August 20 - 26, 2017

Organizers: G. Banaszak, P. Krasoń, W. Nizioł

The conference will cover the following topics:

  1.  Algebraic K-theory and Number Theory,
  2.  Algebraic cycles and Algebraic K-theory,
  3.  Motives and Motivic Cohomology,
  4.  Algebraic K-theory and Arithmetic Geometry.

web page:

Set Theoretic Methods in Topology and Analysis

Bedlewo, September 3 - 9, 2017

Organizers: A. Błaszczyk, W. Bielas, P. Kalemba, B. Kubiś, A. Kucharski, S. Turek, M. Walczyńska

The purpose of the conference is to bring together well-known specialists and young researchers working in set theory, topology, and their applications in other branches of mathematics, including algebra and functional analysis.

web page:

Number theory days 2017. A conference on the occation of the 60th birthday of Jerzy Kaczorowski

Poznan, September 3 - 8, 2017

Organizers: M. Radziejewski, Ł. Pańkowski

The main goal is to bring together the mathematicians specializing in number theory, in particular analytic number theory. The event will be open to all mathematicians, in particular those working in Poland in all areas of number theory.

web page:

Geometric and Algebraic Singularity theory

Bedlewo, September 10 - 16, 2017

Organizers: W. Dormitrz, T. Ohmoto, T. Yamamoto, M. Takahashi

The aim of the conference is to bring together specialists of various domains of singularity theory representing very classical aspects of the field as well as new branches and applications to mathematical physics problems.

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New perspectives in the theory of function spaces and their applications

Bedlewo, September 17 - 23, 2017

Organizers: D. D. Haroske, H. Kempka, H.-J. Schmeisser, L. Skrzypczak